Virtual Decorating, Computerized Room Design
Below are samples of decorating, staging and office design clients that have
utilized our computerized room design service.
Clients can even decorate their rooms over the internet from across the country.

We give them the ideas - they shop and re-create the look we've supplied
them with. It's virtual decorating done via email!
A typical computerized virtual design takes about 1-2 hrs. per photograph.

Computerized Virtual Decorating Fee: $50 hr.

Virtual Interior Design
Family Room in New York!
Click on the picture below to see all the design for her empty room!

Interior Design
A Master Bedroom in Schaumburg, IL 
Click on the picture below to see all the different ideas for her empty room!



                    Virtual Interior Design

           Girls Playroom Room in Deerfield, IL >
                         Click on the picture (right) to see the 
                                        design plan
 for her room!


Hover over photos to see the rooms before computerized virtual decorating.

New Lenox, IL
                                   Olympia Fields
, IL                                    Deerfield, IL
                Oak Lawn, IL                                       Oak Lawn, IL                                             Oak Lawn, IL

Oak Lawn, IL                                  Lake Forest, IL                                    Frankfort, IL  

  Flossmoor, IL                                    Wayne, IL                                           Elmhurst, IL 
Plainfield, IL                                       Elmhurst, IL                                            Frankfort, IL

Tampa, FL                                      New Lenox, IL                                            New Lenox, IL


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